We are all inheritors of a rich intellectual tradition shaped by the wisdom of the ancients and deepened by Catholicism. Since its founding, The Catholic University of America has played an important role in cultivating this intellectual heritage. The University is rare in its commitment to elucidating the relationship between faith and reason, and our mission becomes more and more crucial in times when so much is done in the name of reason alone. Faith gives reason a meaning and direction that it otherwise lacks, while in turn being supported and strengthened by reason itself. It is only through their dialogue that true understanding becomes possible.

One can then see why the core of the First-Year Experience consists of philosophy, theology, and writing courses. The perspective developed by first-year students in these classes prepares them to continue the rest of their studies at Catholic University. The fundamental dialogue between faith and reason, as well as its profound cognitive implications, informs both the professional and the intellectual development of our students - regardless of their major or specialization.

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