What is a Major?

A major is a specialized area of study that leads to a particular degree. At Catholic University, most majors consist of about 12 courses in your chosen subject area. To put this in perspective, it is likely that courses for your major will comprise less than half of all the classes you take in college.

So what will you study beyond your major? Each semester, you will take classes in other disciplines like philosophy, literature, the social and natural sciences, and more. Together, all of your classes will help you to develop different ways of thinking about and looking at the world. Your major is just one piece of this puzzle.

Ways to Find Majors

  1. Explore Options
    Curious about a lot of subjects? Not sure about a major? The Exploratory Major program will help you choose the right major at the right time.
  2.  Browse Majors
    Browse an alphabetical list of majors or browse majors by school. 
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    Explore Programs

    Explore more than 60 undergraduate degree programs across 12 schools, discovering your calling and pursuing your passion.

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    Minors and Certificate Programs

    Undergraduate students can choose from more than 60 minors and certificate programs as a way of broadening their educational experience beyond their chosen major.

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