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To transfer: courses must have an equivalent, the equivalent must fulfill your specific requirements, and students must get a C- or better unless you are an engineering student.

Engineering students must get a C or better.

MTR means that the course is at the 300 level or above and can be used towards the major, elective or distribution as appropriate.
DTR means that the course is at the 100 level or above and can be used towards distribution or electives. It cannot be used for major credit.

LIT= this course can be used as literature credit and has no exact CUA equivalent.
HUMM= can be used to fulfill humanities and has no exact CUA equivalent.
AREA I/II= counts for those requirements, do not have an exact equivalent
SBHS= counts for social & behavioral science requirement, no exact equivalent
MNNS= counts for math & natural science no exact equivalent.
NO CREDIT= Course will not transfer

Online courses are denoted with "ONLINE." Any online versions of courses in this list that are not denoted with "ONLINE", have to be evaluated and you must submit a syllabus showing that it is an online course to the transfer credit coordinator.

Current students taking courses off-campus: See the off-campus policy form for online course restrictions.